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Finally, healthy fruit chews that taste incredible

Founder, Joline Rivera

Why healthy fruit chews?

In 2014, I was training for a triathlon—swimming, biking, and running nearly every day. You would think with all that activity I would be the picture of perfect health, but it was the exact opposite. The harder I trained, the worse I felt. I gained weight, inflammation filled my body and I felt sick most of the time.

My doctors made it worse. Instead of listening to help, they questioned in disbelief, “Are you being honest about what you're eating? If you're eating what you're saying, you can't be gaining this much weight.”

Then I found a 25-year MD and functional medicine specialist. He not only believed me, he told me he could help. He ran some blood tests and found that I had insulin resistance, and was on the verge of Type 2 diabetes like much of my Hispanic family. Instead of prescribing pills, he gave me a food prescription. It was an incredible list of functional foods I could eat, and a list of things to stay clear of, like refined sugar! In five weeks I dropped 20 pounds of body fat and reversed my insulin resistance.

This is when I learned that FOOD IS MEDICINE, refined sugar comes in many forms and it's very inflammatory.


But I still WANT MY SWEETS. That’s when I turned to the bees...


  • Honey won't spike your blood sugar the way refined sugar does.
  • It has been studied for its anti-diabetic, anti-inflammatory and antifungal properties.
  • Honey is sweeter so you need less of it.
  • With over 300 varieties worldwide, its flavors are more complex than refined sugar.

Healthy snacks shouldn’t be so complicated

Healthy snacks should exist and they don't have to be complicated. It was about time someone did something different, so I looked for alternatives to refined sugar and sugar substitutes. Honey is a nature-made functional sweetener packed with nutrients and enzymes that tastes incredible. It makes perfect sense to create gummies sweetened with honey instead of refined sugar, and also fill them with other delicious, functional ingredients. But all the gummy manufacturers told me the same story—“We can’t add your special ingredients, and it takes too much time to stop what we’re doing to use your honey." I quickly found out that gummy manufacturing is mostly a simple, repeatable process: Fill molds with inexpensive ingredients, reap exponential profits, repeat. This approach has flooded the market with variations of two not-so-great choices:

  1. Great tasting refined sugar gummies that are bad for you
  2. Low-sugar gummies with a taste that’s difficult to swallow

Neither of these choices do anything beyond satisfying a sweet craving. Why can't fruit chews taste good and be healthy? Like demanding a better doctor, it was time to flip the bird to candy’s status quo. Plus, I never take NO for an answer. So… here we are.

I knew if I wanted it, then others must want it too. If it can be better, it should be. I wanted snacks that do way more for me than act as a filler or just satisfy my sweet or snack craving, and then had me feeling guilty. I was so sick of feeling like I couldn’t eat sweets.

I wanted to be able to say “EAT THE WHOLE BAG, IT’S GOOD FOR YOU,” and now I can. 

Healthy fruit chews exist, we just proved it. 🖕❤️🔥


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