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Wild Child Cherry

Wild Child Cherry

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Honey | Sour Cherry | Blue Oyster Mushroom

Your gummy candy wishes it tasted this f*cking good. It’s like a maraschino cherry with benefits.


17 gummies per bag 2 OZ (57 G)


Alfalfa honey, Allulose syrup, Allulose, Water, Tapioca syrup, Pectin, Blue oyster mushroom, Tart cherry extract, Citric acid.

Do not feed honey to children under 12 months of age.


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Functional Ingredients

Finally, candy that does more than satisfy your sweet tooth. We created these delicious candies with healthy ingredients like raw honey, sour cherries and blue oyster mushrooms (they taste sweet and are a natural source of protein, fiber, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, B6, and Vitamin D2. They also contain amino acids known for brain, heart, and liver health). These functional foods provide benefits far beyond their nutritional value so you can feel good about EATING THE WHOLE BAG! No guilt—just HEALTHY CANDY It's about time!


    Honey is nutritious, unlike sugar, aka white, refined, table or cane sugar, which lacks vitamins and minerals. Honey's sweetening power is higher so you need less of it. Its glycemic index is lower: it doesn't raise blood sugar as quickly.


    Allulose is a sugar that naturally occurs in fruits like figs and raisins. Allulose has 90% fewer calories than refined sugar or cane sugar. Your body does not metabolize it so it does not contribute calories or act like sugar. Rbel Bee Honey Gummies contain 22 grams of allulose per bag. Since allulose isn't absorbed, it's subtracted, leaving a total of 19 grams net carbs for the entire bag.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Katy Jones
Everyone LOVES Rbel Bee!

My boys are enjoying these treats during their rowing practice for an extra boost to push to the end! Even my extremely picky eater loves these. I will be buying more!

Nicole P.
The best!!

As someone who loves gummy candies, I have always struggled to find a healthy option until now! These are the best! They satisfy your sugar craving and have the perfect tart sweetness. Highly recommend!!

Cathy Venteicher
NPS score:
5) Definitely
1) Not going to happen
Likes: How sweet and flavorful they are.
Improvements: Nothing

Okay, I seriously just opened the bag of the WildChild Cherry gummies and I nearly ate the whole bag, but I hadn’t tried the Poma Punch, so I saved some room , boy am I glad I did. I would run a marathon for some of these and I don’t run anywhere. Best part is kids can eat them also, and my grandson was very happy about that as he kept grabbing for more. Do yourself a favor and order some before I order them all! Thank you to these bees and red belly honey.